Floor systems have come a long way from yesteryear when most houses were single stories with timber floors, 100x75 bearers @ 1800 c/c and 100x50 joist @ 450c/c out of green hardwood. Today, timber floor systems are fully engineered using engineered manufactured materials such as an I-Joist, and LVL Joist.

Belmont Timber uses a number of design programmes to design floor systems. Such as 'Auto Beam' from Mitek Australia Ltd , 'E-house' from Wesbeam, and 'SmartFrame' from Tillings to name but a few. These software programs provide the estimators and detailers with some very powerful tools for a fully engineered analysis of the floor system. At the same time supplying a very competitive price for the product.

Depending upon what is required, we supply bearers, joists, particleboard sheet flooring, flooring glue and compressed fibre cement sheets. Materials can be Green Hardwood, Oregon, Treated and/or Untreated Radiata Pine, Treated and/or Untreated I-Joists and LVLs. Just ask and we will design and supply with the frames and trusses. No job is to large for us to handle.


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