Timber Preassembled Frames

Our frames are manufactured from either untreated or treated radiata pine from plantation forest with F27 kiln-dried hardwood when required in the design using Mitek Australian framing software to the Australian standards AS 1682.2-2006 by our team of qualified and experienced Estimators and Detailers.


Timber Framing

The techniques used in timber framing date back thousands of years, and have been used in many parts of the world such as, ancient Japan, Europe and medieval England. At Belmont Timber we continue this long tradition in all our timber projects while working with builders.

All frames are manufactured using computerised manufacturing equipment including an Auto Bench designed to trench plates, Component Cutter for the Lintels, unders, overs, sills etc. to the design lengths and timber grades.

Frames are assembled with a computerised nailing machine.


Sales Enquiries

We welcome all trade enquiries by phone, fax or email.